Community economics

A new economic model in real-estate to serve a community-driven future that thrives through blockchain technology.

WYCKX follows a proprietary economic model, powered through blockchain technology, to finance new property in urban areas. The WYCKX model democratizes investments in our real-estate and delivers affordable housing, including the accumulation of digital real-estate assets, for a new generation of urban residents.

Community living

Urban property that positively impacts our carbon footprint and sets an example in green living.

WYCKX is developing properties that integrate sustainable construction materials, a circular approach, biophilic design principles and more to positively impact our carbon footprint and set an example in green and healthy urban living. Our community-driven approach also integrates co-living concepts to battle surging mental health issues such as loneliness amongst a new generation.

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Community ownership

With the introduction of blockchain technology and the concept of tokenization, the concept of ownership in real-estate is changing drastically.

The WYCKX platform is powered by a native WKX token and enables anyone to put their savings into a historically proven investment opportunity: real-estate.

WYCKX contributes to building an inclusive city through a new technological platform harnessing the efficient, secure, transparent and decentralized value exchange of micro-shares in real-estate on blockchain (tokenization) to facilitate a new community-driven economy.

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