The investment platform

A community-funded property financed through a three-staged sto.

The fundraising and distribution of our digital real-estate assets (tokens) per property is managed through a 3-phased security token offering. STO early stages acquire tokens at a discount to account for higher risks involved.

Join us

We will be first opening up the investment oportunity exclusively to the Stellar Community. Do you have a Stellar account, hold Lumens (XLM) and do you wish to diversify your digital assets portfolio by investing in purposeful urban real-estate for a next generation of residents? Wait for it.


By joining this program you'll reserve WYCKX tokens in our early-stage STO. Your WYCKX tokens grant you access to our platform to join our early stage STO for our planned property in Amsterdam. Early-stage investors acquire WYCKX tokens at a 30% discount.



Our early-stage STO for a new property offers WYCKX platform tokens at a 30% discount as a risk premium to finance early stage planning of the WYCKX property.

total supply 15,000
token value 1000 XLM

Important notice: Acquiring WYCKX platform tokens during early-stage STO involves higher risk.

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Our presale STO for a new property offers WYCKX platform tokens at a 15% discount as a risk premium to finance the buildings architecture and construction planning.

total supply 30,000
token value €85


Our crowdsale STO for a new property offers WYCKX tokens at full-rate to finance the construction.

total supply 255,000
token value €100

Token system

01 deposit

To invest in WYCKX real-estate it is important to understand how our token distribution works.

In order to participate in our eco-system you can either deposit Lumens (XLM), Bitcoin (BTC) and in the future FIAT money.

02 platform tokens

With your funds you acquire WYCKX platform tokens during our early-stage, presale or crowdsale STO phases.

Native WYCKX tokens are stable and can be used to opt-in as an investor in the development of future real-estate projects; staring with Amsterdam.

03 property tokens

By opting-in on projects with WYCKX platform tokens you'll receive property tokens once construction for the specific property has started.

Property token valuation reflects initial and future yield in property valuation. They also represent your right to benefit from income generated by the property proportionally to your holdings. Property tokens will become tradable.


high risk


medium risk


low risk

€ 100
Number of years
Total investment
Number of WYCKX tokens
Returns on property development
Compound interest
Total investment value
Return on investment (ROI)
Average annual ROI %

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Important: the WYCKX calculator does not guarantee any of the presented returns. It's a mere visualization of forecasted returns at an early stage in the process of developing the WYCKX in Amsterdam.