the green WYCKX isometric design

Next generation living

An urban property built with nature in mind.

A property that combines wood as the primary material of construction to clean the air of C02 and biophilic design principles to connect its users with nature in a smart urban environment. Our property is modularly designed for re-usability to further embrace circularity in our architectural approach.

the green wyckx

the green WYCKX isometric design

For residents

The WYCKX for residents is exclusively reserved for next generation members who deserve affordable housing in the city. They are eager to stick around, nurture a creative and innovative urban culture and they are intrinsically motivated to set an example in green living.

For pioneers

The WYCKX for pioneers is a co-working space exclusively reserved for startup members who are eager to put a dent in the universe with initiatives that improve our planet’s health while they seek commercial success.

For nomads

The WYCKX for nomads is a temporary housing solution for corporate partners so they can host international employees in the capital.